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Yappy dogs and sweat.

Day 14, 17th August on the Move to Cartegena

sunny 32 °C

I'm writing this as we drive along the A30 towards Cartagena. With mum and dad with us the blogging fell to the way side so some major catching up has had to happen so with over seven hours on the road what a great chance.

Morning was a clean get away. Mum made lunch for everyone as we dismantled camp. We even got a discount for our Camping card as we had five people staying. Bonus.

Another bonus was that last night we spotted a camper van shop! So after hugs and farewells we all drove off our separate ways. Mum and Dad waved us off as they turned off towards Portugal and we went in search of the Van shop.

Thank you for phrase books. Going to an out of the way shop which very rarely gets any British in was a good test for our Spanish miming. Finding a replacement stopper was a long shot, so we walked out with an eye catching new BLUE waste container. Also a restock of Blue, please read previous blog for garbled description of Blue. Plus a new cooler box. Significantly lighter in pocket we head off again. Still at least the problem arose within spitting distance of this shop or else we really would of been snookered.

Almost half six and we are getting close fingers crossed they have a space for us.

Yes they have space, filled mostly with small yapping dogs. Once set up we strolled to the beach as it's part of the site. Checked out the restaurant for later, booked a table and set off for the shop for our new treat......ICE.

It is very hot and we are all sweating, even Bodhi's collar is ringing wet. Seeing the kids with sweat on their faces is strange. Something very wrong about seeing sweat dripping off an eight year old. During our walk we are continually bombarded with constant stares at Bodhi and small vocal dogs. How Bodhi kept his composure and didn't try to eat a few of the little beggers is beyond me. It was funny to watch the small snarling balls of fur freak out at Bodhi while their owners try desperately to keep them quiet. Especially as onlookers watch the "Grande" scarey dog walk quietly by. I can't help but feel a little smug as it's normally us going "sshhhh" "leave it" "spit it out!". (joke)

Unfortunately the shop is closed. It creates a very interesting situation as they have only just decided to shut. We are the first to be told, while figuring out what to do, other more locals appear. I do mean locals as over half this site is like a shanty town with permanent caravans, motor homes and small abodes. All different, some are very basic and are basically tarp pulled over their area whilst next door could be a gorgeous wooden built home right down to a fully tiled floor.

Anyway it became clear that the locals were saying "come on mate, its me, I only want....." to which he was clearly saying "I know but I just said no to them we're closed and if I let you it will look bad. Why don't you wait till they leave?" I know I don't have a clue what was actually said but I don't think I need to. It did make me laugh as Dan and I hung around as a small puppy had decided to join us and seemed reluctant to leave a rather surprised Bodhi. Eventually they all begrudgingly leave as we are taking so long. I can't catch the puppy so we opt for leaving assuming it will disappear home. Apparently not. The puppy is very keen on Bodhi and Bodhi really isn't sure what it is. Half way home a Lady tries to chat with us, it's not her puppy but she knows who's it is so between us we catch it for her. Once again I have no idea what she said, amazing how much you get from just watching body language and listening to someones tone.

Bodhi away we enjoy a lovely meal by the sea. The food is great and the waitress very friendly. We manage to order is Spanish which is great. We are surprised by the amount of British people here. It's almost weird to be with people who understand what you are saying and you them. We leave the usual tip for the waitress and she is very happy! So happy she gives the kids a kinder egg each. She obviously doesn't normally get one which is sad as the service was great and the food even better.

Kids to bed, Dan and I have a relaxing Honey Rum or three.

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