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And on the 19th day they shall rest, hell yeah! 01.08.2014
Well needed Mcie D and another Flat day. 29.08.2012
Traffic plus heat = Fry & Bentos 29.08.2012
Not much going on......just what we need. 28.08.2012
Four bowls of water, most expensive pitch 19.08.2012
Yappy dogs and sweat. 19.08.2012
El Palmer surf and bar-b -q 19.08.2012
Broken bed, Apes and traffic 19.08.2012
Pool time and more learning Spanish 19.08.2012
Beach work out and smurfs. 19.08.2012
Interesting smells and Moody Sat Nag 19.08.2012
Trips and Falls. 12.08.2012
Flat Day 12.08.2012
Dodgey start to a great day. 12.08.2012
Lay in! 11.08.2012
So glad we left.... 08.08.2012
Rainy Start....Long day. 08.08.2012
Language and more miles. 05.08.2012
Flash, Bang, Puke 05.08.2012
Trial Run 27.07.2012
Getting Started 18.06.2012