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And on the 19th day they shall rest, hell yeah!

sunny 34 °C

A lay in, ie not the crack of dawn and the site has grown on us. Amazing what a full stomach and sleep can do to your view point.

This pitch is quite grassy compared to others around the site. Sandy pitches are the worst. If it was just us maybe it would be not so bad as we take our flip flops off but Bodhi can't do that. So with in seconds of him entering you have what feels like half the sites sand and grit underfoot. Plus a good compliment of dog hair to round it off.

With that in mind we pay for another day here and make plans to move inward in the hope to bag a grassy pitch. he toilets and showers are clean and modern and the whole site seems relaxed.

Today is a day to rest and get ourselves up together for the last ten days or so of our trip. Washing is the main goal. A cool morning allows us the rare opportunity to all go for a swim in the pool and leave Bodhi behind. Quickly we get the wash loads going and head for the pool only to be turned away as Dan and Ethan are wearing swimming shorts and only speedos or trunks are allowed due to hygiene reasons. Crud. Feeling our time disappearing we make a mad dash for the beach and go for our first and only dip in the Med for this trip. Refreshed we race out to collect our laundry.

Hot dogs for lunch and potatoes beans cheese and cold meats for tea see's another cheap day for eating that puts us back on track financially. We spend some time plotting our last few days and come with what we hope will be a few relaxing longer stays before home. Can't believe we are plotting our route home already.

Eventually I get to speak to Antony and hear all about Edwards Spider man Antics that have landed him in A & E. Oh dear Edward, hope your wrist is feeling better, keep it on those pillows! We also got to hear your message this morning. So Hi to Sarah and Lucas as well.

Chatted to mum. They are Baking in Portugal. forty five degrees! Bodhi would not have liked that. Under the trees and out of sun we are only about thirty two. With a slight breeze as well. Tomorrow they fly home. Already the 23rd! To be honest we have totally lost track of the day, date and even time. We are in full holiday mode and only think of eating when we are hungry, go to bed when tired and awake when rested. Oh yeah.

Early bed as we have a long drive tomorrow up towards Lyon.

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Well needed Mcie D and another Flat day.

Day 18, 21st August, Marseillan-Plage

sunny 33 °C

Unlocked and free to runaway we gladly leave. Hoping the next pitch up will be more like it. We are only traveling two hours round to Montepiller to a site that is a little out of way. As it's a short drive and we should be there for lunch we complete a little shop and stock up on lunch materials to keep costs down.

Or so we thought. Nine thirty we left and we did not pull in to this site until half five. What a day. The site we had picked out was nothing like it's pictures, surprise surprise! I don't know where it got them from. We called ahead having learnt that lesson and were told yes we have space and large pitches, No they didn't. Looking for a site to have a few nights in this was not it.

Then we notice another flat tyre! The same one as last time and the same issue. Can't believe it. We are now hubcap less as it's the only difference and maybe it's interfering with the valves.

Time is ticking and at nearly two the kids are hungry and we need a break so we pull over for a slice of home in a Mc D's. As we are eating we notice that a tyre shop is just there round the corner. To good to miss Dan takes the tyre round to them as the one way system here is chaotic and the bends are very tight for the trailer.

While he is sorting that I have some visitors. Local people here are very friendly. Some want to meet Bodhi and one older gentleman was telling me I would get no waves out here pointing at our surf boards. I explain we have travelled and have used them but agree nothing round here. He is 83 and his wife is 79. They tell me about their travels to the Isle of wight and all round Europe. Lovely couple.

Usually if our day starts out wrong then it improves but today was just wrong. The next site we plot in has us going back in the wrong direction? By then it's a do we stay with this and go back twenty minutes or turn round and travel another hour and half. As we are tired we continue backwards. Then it's just one one bad or full site after another. Plus this whole area is crammed with people toing and froing. Dan copes incredible well as we have to turn and reverse several times and people just don't care.

Starting to eye up any space we think we could get away with on the side of the road we eventually end up at Mediterranean Beach Garden. We opt for the closet pitch and dump the trailer. Dan is not keen on here so we will see about the moving on.

Ironically if we had turned back we would be over an hour further on and there earlier. Both of us are tired though and we seem to have hit a wall at the same time. We eat our lunch and call it a night.

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Traffic plus heat = Fry & Bentos

Day 17 20th August. L'Escala,

sunny 33 °C

We push on round today to L'Escala (Costa Brava). To be honest I don't remember much apart from heat and traffic. Once again we arrive at our site to find it is not what we were lead to believe from the brochure.

A very complicated sign in process and then you follow a member of staff to your pitch. This is quite routine on the larger sites. He pulls over at a small pitch that we don't think we'll fit in. This is when we start to realise that we may have a choice and we encourage our guide to drive round. Although the pitches are marked out it's very jumbled and hard to tell. Finding a spot we manouver to set up and the little man on the bike is still there. We are used to people staring at us as the trailer, the van, the dog all seem to draw attention but this is a little more then normal. Then I clock the electric box we will need to connect to is padlocked. He has to fit the cable for us, great that means we have to wait for them to disconnnect us before we leave tomorrow. I say tomorrow with great confidence as not even througt the gate we know it's not for us. Lovely for the night but not to stay.

Little man leaves and then the fun really starts. Tying Bodhi off on the handy tree outside the door the neighbours dog hopes to introduce himself to Bodhi. Oh and he has another off lead pal.......super. Language must be an issue as they keep coming forward despite Bodhi making it quite clear that he does not wish to play.

Once their owners call them back and Bodhi is placed swiftly in his cage until we are fully set up then our neighbour to the right appears. In a rather unfetching pair of speedos. No pool in site and yet here we are with la posing pouch.

Hoping he can't hear the kids giggling I just hope he's not as weird as he looks. I must say though that I was a little worried about coming away. You read and hear so much about kids being abducted but I really don't think anyone would come near our tent. Bodhi seems to give us a good invisable barrier that only if invited will people cross. Or it could be my bright red face, wild eyes and crazy hair from all the heat.

Tonight we feasted on boiled potatoes, peas carrots and a Chicken and Mushroom Fry and Bentos pie with gravey. Oh yes a little tastes of home.

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Not much going on......just what we need.

Day 16. 19th august Spain.

sunny 33 °C

Despite being over priced we want to stay another night as we are tired and a day of rest will do us all good.

Dan takes the kids to the beach for some fun while I keep an eye on Bodhi and get our blogging up together. Once again the internet is fine for the written word but is unable to download the pics. So sorry folks no pics again.

We spend the whole day just relaxing, having bad showers and playing games. I'm really starting to get through my book that Chris gave me......for Christmas. Snuff by Terry Pratchett. Oh yes, just what I needed.

We book into the restaurant which is right on the beach front. Rather expensive but very nice. Dan's steak was the best either of us has ever tried. Melted like butter. I had shrimp which again was so well done. Aeryn tried the veal and liked it but Ethan's Meatball soup was not what he thought it would be.

A quiet and easygoing day. Just what we all needed.

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Four bowls of water, most expensive pitch

Day 15, 18th August Oliva Spain.

semi-overcast 32 °C

OMG......what a crud night. We knew it was hot as even the staff at the meal last night were complaining but I have never had a night like it. No air, even the fan could not help us. Bodhi drank four full bowls of water during the night and he really struggled.

Despite this we are up early and quickly all agree to move on. Despite being on the beach the pitches all have very high hedges and along the front they are all fixed homes. Even only being a few rows back cuts down on the sea breeze so much that you are just baked alive.

Camp packed up we set off for a site that Ethan has been eyeing for days. After only driving for a couple of hours we arrive at the site. If we didn't have Bodhi it would have been perfect. Clean, very organised and WiFi. WiFi that works is rare hence us going days without blogging. Right next to a busy but charming looking town. When I say next to I should say in. It was amazing. Across the street was everything you could need, busy stores, bars restaurants! Only snag was we do have Bodhi. It would be too busy and we wouldn't be allowed in with him. So drive on.

Another hour on we are what is too be our home for hopefully the next couple of days. The pitches are very large and ours has an awning that covers the entire pitch. Lovely bar and once again right on a sandy beach. Only down side is the price. At nearly eighty euros a night it is double what we have put away for each nights camp.

The pitch is lovely and gives us all a respite from the glare if not the heat of the sun. Take away pizza is the best pizza we've had, and very fairly priced at only seven euros for a large. Toilets get four ticks, clean, toilet seat and paper in each cubicle and you can lock the door. However the showers are not so good. Two of four available to us ladies have no shower heads and there is no power plus its cold. Although being cold is n issue for me as I've sweated off at least four pounds just today. Dan and Ethan are equally unamused with theirs as well. Not what you expect for the money.

We will see about tomorrow.

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